Meet the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Carolyn A. Miller Elementary School serves the poorest children in the Liberian refugee community in Ghana. Our mission is to offer an education to every child who cannot afford one. Our vision is to transform each disadvantaged child of today into a leader of tomorrow.

The school not only provides students with a solid academic foundation in a wide range of essential subjects, but also helps them become responsible and productive members of the Liberian community. We do this by teaching critical skills in conflict resolution, problem solving and peacebuilding.

We encourage and welcome international organizations, volunteers and donors to assist us in this critical work - together we can shape the lives and futures of Liberian children, and, through them, the future of Liberia.

The school and its founder, Karrus Hayes, have recently been featured in programs on Teachers' TV and Together TV. View the programs online at: and

What We Do

Our population has been greatly affected by the Liberian civil war, HIV/AIDS and poverty. We give the poorest children in our community sound academic instruction and help them understand the importance of education, and the role it will play in their future. Children are equipped with vital life skills in the classroom and encouraged to develop the moral values of responsibility and dignity. Our strong after-school programs help children discover their unique talents and gifts, and learn how they can be useful in the future.

In Africa, most primary schools require children to pay fees for instruction, uniforms, books and materials. Even modest school fees are beyond the reach of some children living at Buduburam Refugee Settlement. The school's founders saw that, because of this obstacles, hundreds of primary school age children were not receiving an education. They resolved to found a school that would be completely free, and provide a competitive and well-rounded education for disadvantaged youth.

Students at Carolyn A. Miller Elementary are provided with uniforms, books, classroom supplies, and quality instructors. They are also given personalized and individualized academic attention during and after school. The staff are committed to ensuring that each child learns and grows to the his or her full potential at Carolyn A. Miller Elementary.

Students with donated books in the resource center.
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